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Expanding Identities | Global Oneness Project

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Expanding Identities | Global Oneness Project.

Interesting project on social identity and the Other – echoes themes from PhD. Ways of bridging the I-thou divides.

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interesting link to book review on spiritual psychology

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Dark LIght of the Soul

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Dreamwork As Part Of Our Spiritual Heritage

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This article is an important contribution to the global discussion on where to look for meaning in an over-busy world. I remember feeling threatened when I began to engage with dreams – they seemed to speak in Martian – as my sense of reality was then confined to what I could understand intellectually. Now I am grateful for their surprising guidance to a deeper reality, both for individuals and collectively, as Llewellyn suggests. Thank you for publishing this piece.
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Greetings from Malta

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Escaped snow and broken boiler to one of those brilliant winter deals in Malta which turns out cheaper than staying at home – doesn’t stop other guests moaning, but then they’re on holiday and I’m here to wrestle the two key chapters into shape. When I booked this, thought I’d be doing a final polish. Hah! Now trying to simplify and tell a clear story, rather than just throw words at the screen and hope they stick. Means submission will be delayed but that’s the lesser evil here.

Already made progress – find that getting up for breakfast, reading on a sunny balcony and writing in a light bright room has helped me unmuddle my thoughts. Had become concerned that recent discoveries of literature on Jung and conscience (Robinson, 2005) and Integrity (Beebe 1992) were either stating my central thesis or derailing it. It is hard to realise that a week’s difficult reading may only end up as a para or so in the chapter – but if the alternative is starting again with a new proposition, that’s the way it goes I guess.

Anyway feel I have delineated a Jungian ethic much more clearly than before and with a different emphasis from other writers. Now going back to sort out the mess of the chapter that sets out key concepts, but this shd be more manageable.

In any event, recommend the impersonality and lack of distraction of winter hotels  as a workplace.

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