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Presented paper yesterday – still digesting interesting feedback. The first presenter, Evangaline Rand, gave a moving and emotional reflection on suffering, her own and WW1 soldiers, tracing an inner and outer journey through images, dreams and paintings. At first thought my offering would seem pale and dull but decided it was just different and gave a confident and fluent paper, speaking to power point slides but with asides and comments which I had earlier  written as notes but which I had no need to consult, making the whole thing flow more easily. What was brilliant was the interested and engaged response of those present, who saw major possibilities in engaging professions with their own shadows. One pointed out the shadow of eros in teaching, the unspoken omnipresent sexual tension (or potential) between teachers and students, which I’d not thought about. Others talked about the  hidden aspects in the therapeutic community (i did cite some eg from analysts on professional ethics).

Another person, Austin Clarkson, hoped I wd be taking this message to boardrooms and exec committees and wondered how that engagement might be managed. I spoke to him later over dinner, and we talked about maybe writing stories about the organisation, its members, its history to see if the shadow could be brought to light that way. Evangaline also very enthused by my work and we talked later – possibility of working together? She’s an experienced analyst so this cd be a good partnership.

Terence Dawson suggested contacting Wellcome to seek funding for post  doc research and I do need to get on with some ideas about taking  these ideas further into the world. Have to deal with not having a Jungian clinical background – treat it as a strength because I can talk to professions from educational and practitioner background, with added Jungian insight. Might even be easier – no hint of a therapeutic approach – just a diagnostic aide with suggestions for institutional integration, if desired.

If David Cumes,who shared about divining the bones and working with the dead yesterday, can take that talk to the medical profession (he described the ‘you’ve got 3 months’ line as a voodoo curse), I can surely talk to professions.

Conversations have all been v helpful. This time I haven’t taken notes  as few of the sessions feed directly into the thesis. Instead have enjoyed absorbing and reflecting on a wide range of presentations, including fabulous paper on Kafka’s metamorphosis, an Auschwitz novel and the dangers of hope.

Also enjoyable meetings – spent 4 hours today walking up and down Ithaca hills with Rinda West, a lovely woman with Jungian, literary and political tastes close to my heart. Got a bit lost, didn’t matter at all.

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Recent publications & papers

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Journal articles

Fawkes, J. (2009) Integrating the Shadow: a Jungian approach to professional ethics, Ethical Space, vol 6, no 2, pp30 – 38 (available in ‘published papers’ link)

Conference papers

Fawkes, J. (2009a) The Shadow of Excellence: a Jungian approach to public relations’ ethics, presented at International Communications Association, San Francisco, May

Fawkes, J. (2009b) Integrating Ethics: a Jungian approach to professional ethics, International Association of Jungian Studies (IAJS), Cardiff University, July

Fawkes, J. (2009c) Can there be a psychology of  the professions?, Stirling University/CIPR conference, Stirling, September

Fawkes, J. (2009d) The art of interpretation: hermeneutics and public relations, Stirling University/CIPR conference, Stirling, September

Forthcoming conference papers:

Fawkes, J. (2010) Cultural complexes in professional ethics, IAJS/JSSS conference, Cornell University, NY, August

Fawkes, J. (2010) Hermeneutics: public relations as interpretation, National Communication Association convention, San Francisco, November

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back from Chicago

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Successful International communications Association conference in Chicago – excellent range of papers and presentations – including final plenary from Naomi Klein reflecting on post-Obama emotions (the fluctuating hope levels she describes as a ‘hopercoaster’).
My Jung and PR paper went down v well (all the better for not using power point – everyone battered by graphs and models at his stage of events). Fascinating watching the audience responses, from scowling and turning away to nodding and smiling (majority). Ron Arnett of Duquesne U was most enthusiastic and encouraging. Been reading his work on communication (rather than professional) ethics since and found lots of convergence. Can see the post-doc landscape opening up – the priority will be turning thesis into book, though need to find financial support to enable this. Feel v bouyed by positive response from senior PR and ethics scholars…

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PR Review paper on Propaganda and PR

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Does the EU need a propaganda watchdog like the US Institute of Propaganda Analysis to strengthen its democratic civil society and free markets?

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Published papers

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Pdf versions of papers can be found under Blogroll heading on main page – click on ‘papers’ for links

Public Relations Models and Persuasion Ethics: a new approach

This is a paper published in 2007, based on conference papers delivered at ICA, San Francisco (May 2007) and Alan Rawel/CIPR conferences (July 2007). It predates the PhD work but outlines some of the thinking that led to it, as does the Ethical Space article from 2006 (below)

Can ethics save public relations from the charge of propaganda?

Recent paper (Fall, 2008) by Johanna Fawkes and Kevin Moloney in Public Relations Review on PR & Propaganda (pl note copyright restrictions)

Does the European Union (EU) need a propaganda watchdog like the US Institute of Propaganda Analysis to strengthen its democratic civil society and free markets?

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